G9SKIN will be available in Singapore in July, 2017

G9SKIN contains G9 Complex
G9SKIN x B.Duck Collaboration

G9SKIN will be available in Singapore in July, 2017

G9SKIN will be available in Singapore in July, 2017

G9SKIN is Anti-City Pollution skin care K-Beauty brand.
G9SKIN motto is “Skin purifying solution for you!”

G9SKIN will protect your skin from harmful environmental factors

Guard 9 :
G9SKIN studies and develops cosmetics to protect your skin from 9 harmful factors which caused from city life.
(ultraviolet rays, dry living environment -heater & air conditioner, air pollution -waste gas, fine dust, and yellow dust, Stress -drinking & smoking, global warming, irregular living pattern, cosmetics’ harmful ingredients, thick make up, wrong skin care

Good 9 :
9 ingredients, so we called as G9 Complex help to purify and protect your tired skin to clean and healthy skin.
(lotus extract, Ivy extract, pine sprout extract, eucalyptus extract, oregano leaf extract, chlorella extract, hibiscus extract, chia seed extract, green tea extract)

Guide 9 :
You will have healthy and beautiful skin after along with these optimized 9 effective guides for your skin trouble.
(moist, whitening, anti-wrinkle, nutrition, elasticity, skin purifying, sensitive skin care, pore care trouble, ultraviolet care)

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